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Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that blends the real world with the virtual world by augmenting objects or environments with computer-generated elements.  Digital images can be superimposed onto real-life backdrops and real-life objects can be used as markers to be replaced or altered through digital assets.  The most popular implementation of this technology was through the Pokémon Go phenomenon: a mobile gaming application that uses the camera in your smartphone to superimpose a Pokémon character (Pikachu, for example) onto the streets, sidewalks, lakes, and other real-world environments as you play.  Aside from gaming, the commercial implications of AR are remarkable; we’ve seen interior design and furniture wholesalers implement applications that show you if that wrap-around leather couch is going to fit snug in the corner of your living room.  We’ve seen portraits of people come alive as they turn and stare at you to tell you a story, a staple at theme parks around the world.  In medical & healthcare, there are multiple applications that help guide doctors during surgery.  The applications for AR is growing…and its possibilities are limitless.

At Empow Labs, our Augmented Reality classes range from introductory, fundamental programs, to hands-on, how-to lessons.  Whether you are new to AR or an experienced professional, we’re confident in giving you the instructional content to broaden your knowledge.

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Augmented Reality Class Offerings

Sketching & Painting in AR with Cupixel

Paint & Sketch in Augmented Reality Take home your own Cupixel Sketch Box Are you ready to release your inner...

Introduction to AR / VR Design with CoSpaces

Augmented & Virtual Reality Design w/ CoSpaces Edu Digital literacy and opportunities for creativity and collaboration are at the forefront...

Intro to Augmented Reality (AR)

Intro to Augmented Reality: Class Overview This class will be a high level overview of Augmented Reality. This program covers...

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Augmented Reality (AR): Program Details

What you’ll learn in AR

You will be learning how to use Unity, an industry-standard 3D creation platform with roots in game development, to create exciting VR / AR apps along with the popular/supported VR / AR software tools, software, and SDKs.

You will learn the basics using pre-made objects and environments. Then you will begin to make your own 3D space and simple objects. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, that’s when things get interesting. You’ll learn C#, the programming language behind Unity. You’ll be able to export your projects for a number of different platforms. You’ll also have access to audio engineering tools & equipment for sound design and audio recording to supplement your AR applications.

AR Equipment at the Lab

  • Microsoft Hololens 2
  • Epson BT-300 AR Smart Glasses
  • Google Pixel XL 2
  • MSI Gaming laptops
  • CyberPower PCs
  • Magic Leap One AR glasses

AR skills covered

  • Understanding how AR apps are designed and built
  • Development of AR apps using Unity
  • Development of an immersive world in 3D
  • 3D Modeling and animation
  • Exposure and learning C# coding language
  • Hands-on use of state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technology
  • Learn how to use and interact 3D virtual objects

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