Digital Painting in Photoshop

Digital Painting with Adobe Photoshop

Analog art is vital and time-tested, but if you’ve ever wanted to make the leap to digital art creation, now is the time and this workshop is for you. Participants in the Digital Painting workshop will learn how to create digital matte paintings for backgrounds, make original concept art, or produce personal projects in Adobe Photoshop. Students will also explore how to employ a variety of layers and techniques to render diverse looks and styles while working on an existing piece of art or starting a piece from scratch. The only prerequisite for this workshop— an appreciation of art in all its glory!

In the Digital Painting workshop, students will engage with Adobe Photoshop, and learn about layer masking, vector vs. rasterized art, and the many art tools photoshop has to offer including Brush, Blend Brush, Pen Tool, Magic Wand, Transform, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must bring their own laptop, mouse, and must have a valid Adobe account with Photoshop (or the free trial which can be downloaded here).

Digital Painting at Empow Labs

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