Image Editing in Photoshop

Edit, Manipulate, and Stylize in Photoshop

Acquiring the necessary skills to edit, manipulate, and stylize images in Adobe Photoshop speaks to our fascination with enhancing and expanding upon our already amazing technical capabilities in modern digital art and photography. In Image Editing with Photoshop, you can render otherworldly landscapes, invoke the excitement of action and movement, and dream up original characters and scenarios, primarily through the creation of your own poster, one of the most enduring and commercial of all image editing endeavors.

Please Note!: Students must bring their own laptop, mouse, and Photoshop account (free trials work too!)

At the Image Editing workshop, learn how to edit, manipulate, and stylize images using Photoshop.

  • Photography tips
  • Filters
  • Masking
  • Selection
    • Different tools
    • Altering colors
    • Removing things
  • Adjustment Layers
    • Color¬†
  • Mixing Images
  • Stylizing Photos:
    • Painted look
Image Editing in Photoshop at Empow Labs

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