Introduction to 3D Modeling & Sculpting: Characters & Creatures

Design 3D objects with Modeling & Sculpting techniques

In this 2 class series in 3D Modeling & Sculpting, your imagination can run wild: produce your own mini-figurine, jewelry, gadget, tool, or micro-hot rod (one you likely won’t be able to get in to take a spin, but fun nonetheless). Participants will learn to utilize Autodesk’s TinkerCAD and Pixologic’s Sculptris, how to model by manipulating primitive shapes in 3D space, and absorb best practices while creating printable models, not to mention how to make cool characters and creatures. Working in a three-dimensional space, understanding conceptual design, and learning to pose figures is simply the future of designing and building fun!

Sculptris workshop during 3D modeling at Empow Labs

A Closer Look: 3D Modeling & Sculpting

Students at the 3D Modeling & Sculpting Class will learn the following:

Intro to 3D Printing

  • Box modeling software
    • Autodesk:
      • TinkerCAD
      • AutoCAD
      • Maya
      • 3DS Max
    • Solidworks
  • Uses of 3D Printing
  • Looking for shapes


  • Moving around
  • Placing and finding shapes
  • Changing the grid

Editing Model

  • Editing and moving shapes
  • Duplication
  • Grouping
  • Alignment
  • Color options

Creating Joints

  • Using connectors 

Using the 3D Printer

  • Getting ready to print
  • Using supports
  • Where you can send files to be printed


  • Draw and Grab
  • Review all tools
    • Global
    • Reduce Triangles
    • Invert
  • Masking


  • Using a low strength
  • Fill over undertones
  • Texture brushes


  • Begin with basic shapes
    • Grab tool great for shaping
  • Organic shapes
    • Build up muscle groups with draw tool
    • Sharp edges – Masking
  • Start big and rough and work into finer details
  • Geometry
    • Broken polys are bad – likely to crash program
  • Detail Drawing
    • Crease tool (high strength, low size)
  • Importing alphas

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