Introduction to AR / VR Design with CoSpaces

Augmented & Virtual Reality Design w/ CoSpaces Edu

Digital literacy and opportunities for creativity and collaboration are at the forefront of 21st century skills. In the Intro to Designing AR & VR with CoSpaces, participants will examine just that, designing spaces through the arrangement of 3D objects and multi-level gameplay creation, and testing the results using AR/VR gear. Additionally, students will explore programming using coding chains, making their games interactive, challenging, and fun!

In the Introduction to Designing AR / VR in CoSpaces workshop, students will engage with technology including the Google Pixel mobile phones and Google Daydream headsets.

Note: Students will create a CoSpaces account upon entering workshop.

Introduction to AR / VR design with Cospaces Workshop with Empow Labs

A Closer Look: Intro to AR / VR Design with CoSpaces

Students will use to create a couple projects. They will navigate pre-made virtual spaces on the platform and construct a museum or art gallery using editable primitive shapes and uploaded creative commons pictures and music. They can add colors and textures over the primitive shapes to create a sense of vibrancy for their building and lay out the primitives in the shape of walls, stairs, and even glass casing for artifact displays.

Students can also create signs with descriptors of their exhibits. They can also program the exhibits to animate and or play sounds when hovered over or clicked on. Along with being able to program them to play automatically in a loop.

A similar approach is used by the students when creating their Augmented Reality projects as well. They can use primitive shapes and pre-made assets to design an interactive Augmented Reality overlay. They can code the objects to be interactive and animate as well, either creating simple games or short stories from the assets.

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