Intro to Augmented Reality (AR)

Intro to Augmented Reality: Class Overview

This class will be a high level overview of Augmented Reality. This program covers AR and it’s technology, industry, implementations, and the various types of equipment/product offerings. This class is targeted to people who want to get an intro, basic understanding of Augmented Reality concepts, uses and equipment and get familiar with the AR experience.

Level of experience: Beginner, no experience needed.

We will have a hands-on demo session using various AR equipment including:

  • Magic Leap One Headset
  • Epson BT-300 Smart Glasses
  • Microsoft Hololens 2 (if it is available)
  • Google Pixel Phone

What is covered in the Intro to AR workshop?:

  • Types of AR devices  (phone, AR smart glasses),  AR applications, various types of augmentation:
    • A Projection based AR
    • Recognition based AR – (markers, targets, objects)
    • Location based AR
    • Superimposition based AR
    • Outlining AR
  • AR Uses and Examples
  • Hands-on session demo session/experience AR
Woman demos Augmented Reality with Smart Glasses at Empow Labs

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