Intro to Motion Capture

Intro to Motion Capture: Class Overview

This class will be a detailed overview of the workflow for setting up for motion capture data, on-site live capturing of full-body and facial mocap data plus applying it to the 3D model. Gymnast with mocap rig will also be on-site to demonstrate/capture difficult to animate 3D movements (front flips, back flips, back and front walk overs, spins, somersaults).

In this Workshop, participants will learn about the motion capture process and pipeline. Discussing many of the technologies involved in the process, we will see why it is quickly becoming an industry standard. The Fundamental” section covers the basic of what Motion Capture is introducing participants to many of the tools in Maya and comparing them to the Motion builder the industry standard. The bulk of the workshop will focus on performance analysis and enhancements. Participants will see a live demo of both facial and full body capture systems. Finally, the discussion on expense and return on investment will help people know when to animate and when to capture. Topics in include but aren’t limited too:

  1. A breakdown of different types of fullbody capture
  2. An introduction to the leaders of markerless motion capture
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of motion capture systems
  4. A quick explanation Motion capture cleanup processes
  5. Maya vs. Motionbuilder
  6. Motion capture vs. Performance capture
  7. Custom retargeters for custom rigs.
  8. Blending hand keyed and mocap data
  9. How to conduct a motion capture shoot
  10. Capturing Mocap data (live data capture using flips, walk overs, and other
    acrobatic moves to demonstrate how to setup a motion capture shoot)
  11. HumanIK cleanup
  12. Maya’s time editor and repositioning tools
  13. Facial motion capture walkthrough to retargeting
Motion Capture at Empow Labs

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