Intro to Virtual Reality (VR)

Intro to Virtual Reality: Class Overview

Level of experience: Beginner, no experience needed.

This workshop will provide you with a basic introduction to virtual reality. We will discuss different types of VR devices & headsets, the software and example VR applications to get a firm understanding of VR technology.

  • We will have a hands-on demo session using various VR equipment including:
    • HTC VIVE Pro VR headset
    • HTC VIVE Focus
    • Oculus GO
    • Google Pixel Phone
    • Google Daydream VR
    • Samsung Gear VR
  • This class is targeted to people who want to get an intro, basic understanding of Virtual Reality concepts, uses and equipment and get familiar with the VR experience.

What is covered in the Intro to VR workshop?:

  • Types of VR devices  (Headsets, phone), VR applications, various types of Virtual Reality:
    • Diorama – Observing a 3D scene from a third-person perspective
    • 3D Content Creation – Create content that can be experienced in VR
    • First-person Experience – Immersed in the scene as a freely moving avatar.
    • Interactive Virtual Experience – Interact with the objects and physics is active.
  • VR Uses and Examples
  • Hands-on session demo session & experience VR

From this workshop you will gain a basic understanding of virtual reality concepts, equipment and uses.


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