Virtual Reality (VR) Paint Night

VR Paint Night

Is the artist in you ready for the future of painting? Do you feel limited by a mere two-dimensional canvas? Then join Paint Night in VR and learn about painting in three dimensions: it’s here where you’ll use virtual reality headsets, hand controllers, and 3D painting software to create art that will literally envelop you. Along the way, students will absorb 3D painting tips and best practices to take their skills to the next level…and to the next world.

In the VR Paint Night workshop, students will engage with Google Tilt Brush, Oculus Rift-S, and Oculus Quest to learn the following:

  • Choosing tools
  • Choosing colors
  • Choosing brushes
  • Working with effects
  • Choosing background images
  • Working in 3D space
  • Exporting your projects
  • Viewing projects on your computer
VR Paint Night at Empow Labs using Google Tilt Brush

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