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Motion Capture (also known as Mo-Cap) is the process of using objects or people to record movement for 2D and 3D computer animation.  Tracking and recording the movement in motion capture has a variety of systems, most common of which includes using optical systems through a set of markers placed strategically on the person’s body.  This use of motion capture is heavily used in video game development.  For example, in the development of a popular football video game, developers will have a professional athlete wear a uniform of markers to capture the movement he makes when jumping in the air for a catch.  Then, a 3D model is optimized using the movement of the athlete in order to imbue other avatars/players (or skins) in the video game with this same movement.

The many systems of Mo-Cap include optical and non-optical systems for applications in near real-time tracking motion, even in underwater environments.  Applications for motion capture are limitless in industries such as entertainment, military, sports, medical/healthcare, and more.

At Empow Labs, our Motion Capture classes range from introductory, fundamental programs, to hands-on, how-to lessons.  Whether you are new to Mo-Cap or an experienced professional, we’re confident in providing you the instructional content to broaden your knowledge.

Motion Capture at Empow Labs

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Motion Capture Classes

Intro to Motion Capture

Intro to Motion Capture: Class Overview This class will be a detailed overview of the workflow for setting up for...

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Motion Capture: Program Details

What you’ll learn in Motion Capture

You will learn about the motion capture process and pipeline, while discussing the many of the technologies involved in the process, and why Mo-Cap is an industry standard. We start with the fundamentals, and introduce many of the tools like Maya and Motion Builder.

In many of our programs, we use a live performer with the motion capture rig for 3D animation.

Mo-Cap skills covered

  • A breakdown of different types of full body capture
  • An introduction to the leaders of markerless motion capture
  • Advantages and disadvantages of motion capture systems
  • A quick explanation Motion capture cleanup processes
  • Maya vs. Motionbuilder
  • Motion capture vs. Performance capture
  • Custom retargeters for custom rigs
  • Blending hand keyed and mo-cap data
  • How to conduct a motion capture shoot
  • Capturing Mocap data (live data capture using flips, walk overs, and other
    acrobatic moves to demonstrate how to setup a motion capture shoot)
  • HumanIK cleanup
  • Maya’s time editor and repositioning tools
  • Facial motion capture walkthrough to retargeting.

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