Teach with Empow Labs

Teach emerging tech, host meetups, get involved

Have you built a product with VR, AR, IoT, gaming, or with any other emerging digital technology that marries software and hardware? Teach a class or host a meetup with Empow Labs, and you might get new connections, new opportunities, and build your professional network. We have the equipment, tools, and the space to run classes, hackathons, team projects, and webinars, and we will organize and promote your event or class.

Technologies we’re interested in teaching include the following, although we’re always open to other ideas:

  • – AR and VR development and application in engineering, training, control & maintenance, real estate, medical, travel, etc.
  • – CAD
  • – Electronics
  • – 3D art & design
  • – 3D game design
  • – 3D character animation
  • – Motion capture
  • – AI/ML
  • – 360-degree video
  • – Photogrammetry

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FAQ for Instructors

What’s the teaching schedule like?

Classes can vary from a one-time 90-min or 2-hr workshop to multi-class series that could add up to about 20 class hours, depending on the subject matter, target audience, and instructor preferences.

What class levels are offered?

Our target audience is a wide range that includes high school students, maker-types, artists, and professionals, so the skill levels will vary accordingly.

What is the expected instructor commitment?

Instructors tell us their preferred level of commitment. We can work with someone who wants to teach a single workshop repeated a few times a year, as well as someone who wants to teach multiple classes, as long as we can work out a list of classes that can attract an audience.

What hardware and software are available at the facility?  

We have a wide range of equipment available for classes, workshops, hackathons, and other formats. Please check our Facility Use page for details.